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bowser is so hard to draw -cries-

ive been practicing and im sure i'll get the hang of him eventually like i do with most characters... but right now im dying scoob...!!! why is this turtle dino man so complicated...!!! what even is his anatomy...!?!?! its an enigma...!!

i'll post like actual mario fanart soon i swear lmao... i just have trouble finishing anything lately oops... I have like this role swap au art im working on and also some bowser sketches... also some ideas for art involving peach and bowser and their respective "dads" aka them with toadsworth and kamek

now if only my adhd would chill out

sorry i havent posted much art again, working on stuff i cant show... like the VW update and a character design commission for a friend

hm i do have some fanart i should finish and post tho... its super mario related... *winks at my fellow super mario fans*

the next update for void witch actually has some animation so uh... naturally gonna take a lil bit! i had done two of the animations... but i gotta redo one cos its just too old now and i can do better

also the promo thing im gonna do for the comic is actually gonna be a little video that also has animation (though way more simple) lol... really got my work cut out for me!! but im excited!

😭 oh gosh thanks for all the kind words for my comic, really motivating me to update!!

idk if anyone's curious but heres my webcomic... im planning when i finally update to do a big proper promo for it... but like thats been taking ages cos of ADHD so like.... take a look if you want i guess! its a cyoa about witches who wander a void.

honestly my big goal this year is actually finally update my webcomic Void Witch and then make two short comics ive been developing

when its 9:00 its time to make dumb dumb posts i guess lmao

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ohmygod social aniexty/avpd is so stupid why am i nervous to ask my lil cousin for his phone number so I can send him videos about guinea pigs smh

rubbertig -

I asked!! cowardness didnt win this time, hell ya 😏

ohmygod social aniexty/avpd is so stupid why am i nervous to ask my lil cousin for his phone number so I can send him videos about guinea pigs smh

tbh generally my feelings on most super mario ships is generally "cute" yknow? im very chill bout em, like go have fun


  • marioXpeach - i know its the "basic" ship but hey whether they are just friends or couple theyre cute!

  • luigiXdaisy - same as above basically. i shipped it heavily when i was like 12 so i have a soft spot for it

  • luigiXpeasley - YES!!!!! extremely cute n great ❤️❤️

  • peasleyXluigiXdaisy - 👍 peak bi luigi !!!

  • luigiXbowser - cute, i see why ppl ship it

  • paulineXpeach - yeah yah wlw 10/10

  • daisyXpeach - the gal pals!!!!

  • marioXrosalina - theyre just friends to me, but if u ship it, its fine

  • vivianXmario - its cute. vivian deserves friendship and love. support this ship to make transphobes uncomfortable and mad.

  • birdoXyoshi - also fine. theyre both fun lil animals.

  • waluigiXwario - *Brian David Gilbert voice* are they friends? compliances? ...lovers? its unclear.

  • kamekXtoadsworth - i never seen it shipped but like think about it, like what if...

  • bowserXmario - *sobs* i want bowser and mario to be friends... the pOTENTIAL.... the growth... the bonding and forgiveness... the peak hero befriends villian trope...

  • bowserXmarioXpeach - mario has two hands.


  • yoshiXmario - thats his... animal friend/parent(?)

  • bowserXrosalina - idk it doesnt sit right with me?

  • bowserXpeach - is only valid to me when its bowserXmarioXpeach otherwise its a nope from me. im sorry. bowser needs to chill out and get boundaries. leave peach alone, bows.

  • marioXbowsette - someone already said this before me but its just mario x bowser for horny cowards and im sorry but nuh uh i dont like it one bit

  • luigiXmario - I will kill you.

hey lets do that #IAmNonbinary tag from twitter but do it here where assholes aint allowed to go through it and harass, cos yikes...

twitter sure is a cesspool of harassment sometimes

i wonder if i should move my animal crossing blog to waterfall.... only it'll be kinda hell cos like since theres no tumblr transfer and its like... 406 posts.... i'd have to transfer over by hand...

i feel exhausted just thinking of it...

Happy 2020!!

Happy news years! Lets hope this one is a good one!!

augh social anxiety :(

aaa i love the new changes and featured posts!! so much to like!

augho i think im sick and thats gonna really bust my plans for live streaming tomorrow :(

oh god next year i'll be 23...

on this site you have to make the content you want for things and i thinks thats kinda neat. like you can be sole fan-artist on here for something and thats so powerful. you can legit be the number #1 fan on waterfull for your specfic interest... like dang... i feel the strength in my bones...

when you had enough of ppl on twitter & tumblr

me: "i wish i was more social"

anyone: *talks to me*

me: *radio static noise*

Really should make a tag list for this blog soon for ease of navigation aha!

anyway hi posting from my new pc 😏

im in the middle of setting stuff, transfering files, installing stuff, and etc... but gosh is this new pc sWEET AF!! i love it and i feel so powerful hoohoo... cant wait to actually start doing stuff i couldnt before! im so excited!