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adhd mood when it hits night time and ur brain panics and You Must Do Anything At All instead of sleeping

Happy International Nonbinary Day~

Shout out to all my fellow epic nonbinary folk. We're cool and rad.

very often my adhd brain once i finish a sketch goes "ok we're done, lets do another thing" and im over here like "NO WE NEED TO ACTUALLY FINISH STUFF THO"

i need to fix my wack sleeping schedule so i can start doing art or game streams again.

made little image things for the sidebars of my blogs

i think they look neat and fun, adds more flare

this picture of a tiger cub i photoshoped is...

my birthday is next week on tuesday 👀

omfg forgot how much of an angsty ass of a teen kiyo is at the start of gash bell lmao... like legit he starts off straight up with the "AughHH MOM!" trope in the first chapter lol! like jesus chill my boy

just goes to show his character growth over the manga is so good 👌😔

ima reread gash bell and have good time cos boy ive been having a bad time

hell yah pride time 😏

i want simple things....

like a decent house to live in.. just anything that isn't a dinky crappy falling apart apartment or some extended family's garage/tiny room... ive lived in crappy places my whole life.. please let my family live somewhere nice pppleaseee please

also my own room too plz...

i haven't had my own room my whole life and gawd i really want one... i need my own private space plz... 😔

yeah a lot of my ocs are nonbinary or trans in some way, what, you gonna fight me?

oh dang IM FEELING THE EXHAUSTION... had long tabletop rp session

anybody here uh a fan of homestar runner? :0

ok so i drew Shadow. now its time to draw Iggy... Iggy time...

ok gonna the draw the mario and sonic characters youve all commented so far on that one post i made, thanks!! :3c

hey my fellow Super Mario or Sonic fans comment with characters from either franchise to draw...!! 👏

i headcanon luigi bi but i nod and shake the hands of ppl who headcanon him gay cos hell yah 'luigi is not straight' solidarity... tho tbh i headcanon most mario characters as not straight in some way... like aro or pan/bi... also all are ace but thats just kinda canon tbh

finally did my first ever tabletop rp game (ours about a supernatural city w monsters) session w friends and during it my character had to take off their shirt for plot reasons and was just boobs out the rest of session and it was wild

click that read more if you're curious about my character or whatever

i need to draw a proper ref of my character that isnt this sloppy rushed drawing lol... hey i dont always draw pretty!! sometimes im lazy and draw messy like whatever pfff

Their name is Belén! They're a biologist that seeks KNOWLEGE and PROTECTION OF ENVIROMENT... but mostly they're just a weird cheeky nerd that goes sparkle eyed when monsters show up lmao... They work in animal sanctuary but in their off time they search the city for information on the hidden creatures within the city. After the first session Belén's now on adventure with my friend's characters hahaha... it was a wild ride... i love my friends uwu...

sorry i got very distracted a few days and i havent checked here in a while oops

i needa... finish my mario au art

frick i gotta come up with a joke update for void witch!!! i have not missed one even through the years long update pause and i wanna keep that up!

animal crossing taking over my life sorry i dont check here properly 😔

ive been so distracted by animal crossing i havent checked this site properly oops

the problem w preordering a physical copy of new horizons is i cant just play it eighr away at midnight like everyone is gonna but also I GET THE PHYSICAL THING TO HOLD