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They are here to sell life insurance. Never know when you might need it.

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Tennis Guy

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of a Shy Guy from the Super Mario franchise. The Shy Guy wears a white robe along with a gray polo shirt, a light blue visor, blue shorts and black boots. The Shy Guy also holds a blue tennis racket in their right hand. The Shy Guy is jumping sideways to the viewer's left with their racket held up as a tennis ball flies toward them. The background is light gray, and has a light blue circle with a dark blue shadow next to a black circle with a white shadow. End ID.]

Edit: changed background color.

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Box art for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Nintendo DS, 2005).

[Pic ID: A single image of an illustration. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are in the foreground of the drawing and are outlined in glowing white. The babies are piggybacking with their respective adult, and both are looking upward. Mario frowns while Luigi seems concerned and/or scared. In the background, multiple characters are present and many events are occuring.

To the left in the background, from top to bottom, Shroob UFOs are blasting yellow rays toward the ground. Silhouettes of many Shroobs, along with Junior Shrooboid and Elder Shrooboid, are crowded together and look toward the viewer with their red glowing eyes as they hold an unconscious Princess Peach. Baby Bowser grins mischievously, showing one of his canines.

To the right in the background, from top to bottom, the same yellow rays from the UFOs are crashing down on Peach's castle, destroying parts of it and causing dust clouds to fly up. A green Yoshi and a red Toad look on in horror at this destruction. A time worm hole is swirling about. Kylie Koopa smirks, holding up her camera. Toadsworth the Younger and elder Toadsworth look toward each other. Toadsworth the Younger's eyebrows are raised, as if mildly surprised. Baby Peach rides in her crib as she looks upward.

In the bottom left is an ESRB rating showing that the game is rated E for Everyone. In the bottom right is the Nintendo logo. On the left side, a white bar has the Nintendo DS logo. At the top of the illustration is text reading, "MARIO & LUIGI: PARTNERS IN TIME." "MARIO & LUIGI" is outlined in white and has a cartoony font. "MARIO" is red, "&" is blue and "LUIGI" is green. "PARTNERS IN TIME" is written in serif font, similar to Times New Roman. It is white outlined with black. End ID.]

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A Lakitu, their cloud and their (lazy) pet Spiny.

[Pic ID: A traditional art piece of a Lakitu and a Spiny from the Super Mario franchise. The Lakitu stares down from their cloud with their mouth in a small "o." The Spiny is laying on the Lakitu's shell and is asleep, as shown by three Zs floating beside them. End ID.]

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"Bowser Jr. is Bowser's only child." I'm sorry, Nintendo, I can't hear you over the sound of Bowser adopting all the Koopalings.

it's still friday so happy iggy friday gaymers!!!

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[Pic ID: A screenshot of a paragraph from the Mariowiki page, "List of implied characters." The text reads, "Wario's mother perceives her son as so goofy that she never threw him a birthday party. Consequently, Wario does not know his age." End ID.]

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Wario, please, you're killing me--

[Pic ID: A screenshot of a quote from Wario from the Super Mario franchise. The screenshot was taken from the Mariowiki page, "List of implied characters." The quote reads, "While listening to country music, I do ten sets of 100 push-ups each. That's how I do such powerful attacks!! And also because I watch pro wrestling!! I like to cheer for Big Bama and Neutron B!!" After the quote, there is an em dash followed by text explaining the source of the quote. The text reads, "Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual, page 39." End ID.]

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ohmygod WARIO WORKING OUT TO COUNTRY MUSIC.... ... wario is on another level of power... *imagines wario doing push ups to old town road* 😔

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Wow! had a lot of fun with this 6 fanart thing!

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Look at him dance.

[Pic ID: A GIF of Baby Luigi dancing from the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Baby Luigi moves his arms up and down rhythmically and occassionally shifts his feet during his dance. End ID.]

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Super Mario AU where Luigi is the oldest brother.

Things are pretty much the same, but Luigi is a tad bit more confident from the get-go and also more protective of Mario.

Potentially, this could also mean that Mario was the kidnapped baby in Yoshi's Island, and Luigi was the one to travel with Yoshi to save him.

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Some random Toad: Uh... What's your name again?

Luigi: Marion't.

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Here's a take: Mario and Peach are in a QPR.

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Not pictured is Sonic embarrassed by his parents.

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of the Super Mario franchise. Mario is pictured in his rainbow outfit that was in the concept art of Super Mario Odyssey, and is holding a red skateboard vertically with one hand. With his other, he is holding hands with Princess Peach, who is wearing a light pink sweater, ripped up jeans and light blue converse shoes. Her hair has been dyed light purple, her eyes are closed and her free hand is on her chest. A yellow speech bubble shows that Mario is saying, "How do you do, fellow kids?" A big pink triangle is in the background. End ID.]

bowser why u do this to luigi

theres a lot going on this one... but this image makes me LOSE it everytime cos of the fact that bowser is frickin TICKLING toad... like omigod... my GOd... I CANT GET OVER IT...

*thinking about mario and bowser high fiving* 😌

i appreicate the small but good lil couple of super mario fans on here... we tiny but we got good vibes

oh to be mario sitting in recliner...

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Mayor Pauline

2019 christmas i had gotten a switch lite and with it mario odyssey and i warmed up to paulines design almost immediately. me gay