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Saw this site being recommended and thought I'll give it a try! So I'll be posting some old art on here to startr myself off ^^

this is from a few weeks ago but here, enjoy my sonic art

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cosmicaces -

hey y'all!! i made a sonic server for neurodivergent, lgbt folk!!

i don't have a cool promo image but yeah!!

rules down below!

Do not post spam.

Do not use slurs you cannot reclaim.

Do not make fun of anyone's interests.

Do not post anything that is discriminatory, pedophilic, incestuous, or nsfw in nature.

Do try to keep content in their respective channels; I like things being organized.

Do be respectful towards one another! If a disagreement were to occur, please handle it civilly and make an effort to communicate.

Once you've finished reading the rules, please introduce yourself in #intros and select a role from #role-select, if you so choose so!

Note: you MUST be both neurodivergent and apart of the LGBT+ community to join this server. If you are neither of these things, I respectfully ask that you leave. Additionally, endogenic systems are not allowed in this server. This is not up for debate.

(explanation for no endogenic systems: systems have to be caused by trauma; if there is no prior trauma, then it isn't a system. please be respectful of dissociative identity disorder. i arrived to this decision by talking with people with did)

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drew some shadows (plus maria) ;3

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its him, my boy feat. bad handwritting