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This is the first snow/Ice I've seen all winter.

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Some more landscape studies. Getting better at perspective, rocks and lighting 💪

if yall r ever in Barcelona I very much recommend the restaurant El Nacional,,, i had this hella gr8 squid

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Two sky pictures today bc the moon is being hella pretty.

Abandoned House

Right down the road. Built in the 40s, overcome by nature and mostly untouched now. There's a few oddities like this around our otherwise normal neighborhood.

Robert Genn; Spring, Cultus Creek

pics from Doues, Italy

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The Black Sea at Night by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky

silver -

i originally wasn't going to upload this publicly, but a few friends in my private discord liked it so here i am posting it anyway! this isn't really intended to be a masterful rendering of a landscape or anything, i was just playing with brushes while feeling heavily art-blocked and it turned out looking vaguely like snowy mountains, so i tried to push it a little in that direction. seems to check out, at least at a glance

rest -

📷: [John Chumack]( "John Chumack's Photography, featured on Universe Today)

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rest -

📷: [dotzoh]( "dotzoh on Instagram (photographer of first and last photos)) & unknown

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hiruma -

Majo no Takkyuubin (1989)