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Wallpaper from Nintendo Magazine 2020 winter. (Image can be found at the MarioWiki here.)

[Pic ID: Official artwork of Mario against a red backdrop. He wears a big green scarf around his neck and has his arms crossed for warmth. His breath is visible due to the coldness. He looks up at a single snowflake as it falls down. End ID.]

made some cards for a class project :D might offer these for sale at some point idk

the voca gang go to hot topic

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Oh my god.

For context, YouTube is changing parts of its Terms of Service, and this is, as of today when I received this email, now in effect for those in the U.S.

Edit: Also, if you aren't part of the YouTube Partner Program, you won't get a cut of the revenue generated from the ads (source).

[Pic ID: Text that reads, "YouTube's right to monetize: YouTube has the right to monetize all content on the platform and ads may appear on videos from channels not in the YouTube Partner Program." End ID.]

babushka -

That means ads on first aid videos!! 2 minute long unskiplable ads!!!

star-rice -

So this is a good time to shout out Newpipe. Its a very good alternative to the youtube app on your phone. It uses their APIs and stuff to pull videos and display them without ads. Ive been using it for a few days and Im absolutely smitten. It lacks a few functionalities as compared to the official app, but you can still recreate your subscription feed and play videos in the background (unlike the app). So theres a lot to enjoy, esp when Youtube has been pulling increasing amounts of bullshit. Unfortunately, its for android only bc Apple sucks big time, but if you have an android, its incredibly easy to install (obviously its not on any app store).

This page links to the APK files:

If you're on desktop and still get ads, idk why you dont have origin blocker or any of the other big adblocking plugins/ad-ons, but please, do yourself a favor and get one.

princeofdoom -

There's also uBlockOrigin for desktop, I have never had issues with ads while using it.

star-rice -

Wow my brain blanked hard when I type "Origin Blocker" didn't it. But yeah, that one. Thats what I use. Idk if the landscape has changed since a while back when (the royal) we decided uBlockOrigin was better than ADB.

pyromanicsea -

Idk if anyone has said this yet but maybe this will work for ios users (I use it on android but information worth sharing still I think):

Firefox mobile browser + uBlock Origin on youtube mobile site. Autoplay doesn't work (and now sometimes youtube likes to interrupt videos to "see if you're still watching"..) but playing videos in the background does and ad blocking does.

Stream by Koon Lake

We found a tiny feeder stream at neaby Koon Lake in Pennsylvania. It was a chance discovery made when my teenage son was kept out of school for a while with a chronic illness - we needed and 'adventure' to cheer us both up. We took plenty of pictures there, and I did this trio of drawings on my favorite toned paper. Just recently we went back to see it in winter, and took more pictures (of course). I started another drawing, because time has been very tight for me, lately, and I can find time to fit drawing into my schedule easier than painting. You'd think that drawing and painting would take about the same mental effort, but for me drawing seems much easier. Also no brushes to clean at the end! Just put the cap back on the pen, set the colored pencil back in the box, and done.

I've been inactive here for a while, because I had trouble logging in - but that seems to have cleared up. Computers are strange, mysterious beasts.

Mistletoe Kiss

lino print christmas card

15cm x 21cm on 300gsm paper

available on etsy

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In the apple garden (redraw)

Redraw of this!

Inktober Day 14: Church

Inktober Day 13: Smoke

oh man im just like...all over the place

i'm learning Quenya rn and i keep forgetting to draw

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Flight rising painting commissions I did awhile ago and still like lol

pokemon ghostober 2020 day 6 // cursola

Halloween Lerun icon 2020

It's that month again!

fuck it king shit

another redraw of a 2015-2016 piece under the cut

i've come a long way!!! i forgot what i said in here on my last redraw piece!!!!!! but its been like 4evr and exactly one (1) day so

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Of Scrolls and Swords

They say knowledge is power-- but it can't hurt to pack a sword too.

Meet Kalliope! She's the sister of Alex, the wild mage boi I've been drawing a lot lately. She's a scholar, not a mage, but that doesn't mean she's not capable of handling herself in a fight-- even if she'd much prefer a library to a battlefield. Kalliope's true passion is her studies, though, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more dedicated researcher!

Art and character (c) me-- do not use/redistribute!

Cozy Cooking on a Rainy Night

JustALazyPotato on ARTFIGHT
Just a couple of attacks from ARTFIGHT 2020 that are decent, and then I'll post more recent stuff

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naiad -

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

instagram | ko-fi |redbubble
message me for info on custom prints & stickers ♥

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another oc profile ! akihikos another oc ive had for a really long time kfjdslkfj hes my favourite

idk who these are i love em

Mini paintings for July 2020

I cut seven small wooden panels (5x7 inches, about 12x18 cm) a few months back, but didn't get any time to paint in late winter or spring. By the end of June I was dying to pick up my brushes again. I started working on the small pieces because my time is still pretty limited, but a 2-3 hour pieces is doable. It's so important to actually finish the darned things! So, here are three of them.

Misty Bus Ride came from a photo my daughter took last fall on the way to school.

Tiny Waterfall is from a photo my son took last spring at a little watercourse near Lake Koon, PA. It's a favorite spot that we try to visit a time or two every year. It's especially beautiful when it's running high in the spring!

Red Barn Rainbow is from a photo my husband took this May; we have had a lot of evening thunderstorms that result in rainbows. That barn is on my father's farm, just a short distance from where we live currently.