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Hey, Does Recovery Even Have an End Point?

emlyn-scribbles -

Weed (n.) - any plant which is deemed undesirable, unsatisfactory, unwanted, unloved, and is difficult to remove or kill despite efforts made.

Dandelion boy is growing through the cracks. Hemmed in by concrete and stepped on stepped on stepped on. Spend all your time in recovery, when can you grow? Just a weed straggling.

Dandy, dandy, dandelion. He’s got yellowing teeth and a pasted-on mane. But he’s bright ! So bright, here in the sunshine. When the clouds fissure.

There’s such little room for roots so he takes up the space he’s got and he’s stepped on stepped on stepped on.

Bees buzz. He laughs at their tickling dances. His friends in the grass are laughing at the dirt, while he pretends he’s not covered in it.

He wishes he could be blown away on the wind. He wishes he could land far from here on a vast expanse of grass and start life anew. He wishes he could put down roots, the deepest roots, and grow higher than the clouds. He sways as he sees his head haloed with the stars’ glow. Even dandelion boys dream, you know. Even while being stepped on stepped on stepped on.

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anti-honesty hour

archfey -

(or however long you want it to be lol)

ask me anything and i have to respond with a blatant lie (just specifify it's for this otherwise someone might be telling the truth!)

made a couple rhys icons yesterday and figured I’d share in case anybody wanted them :D

added the screenshots I used in case y’all wanna make your own uwu

lucretia pre-wonderland but post-Voidfish-Incident