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Redraw of a witch girl I drew a while back! Super happy with how this turned out, particularly the hair and skin.

there he goes!

so its been just a little while since ive posted anything huh akjdfhgdfkjg

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Little City

watch the timlapse on my you tube 

and catch my livestreams on tiktok and instagram @chanceydoesstuff, that way if you want to learn how to draw hair, color, line, like me or just generally want some neat tips and some company while you doodle. 

please repour if you get the chance ❣

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robot -

will i ever draw something other than portraits of cute boys? no.

Some fruit flavored Fashion Illustration 

Hello! I'm new here, but I thought that maybe I needed a new place to share my art! Heres art Ive made of my favorite danganronpa characters from the 3rd game!! Please enjoy!