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about the CM being taken down

really messed up people were doing that? yikes. I honestly had high hopes for the CM. I was hoping all this time it was going well. It was a good and sound idea!! but dang did folks already start misusing it. LIKE YA REALLY TELLING ME MOST PEOPLE WERE DOING THIS?? I had no idea. I almost feel sick even tho i wasnt even one of the folks doing this like! I hadn't even gotten a commission through it yet to finally try the system out!! i really wanted to!! tho tbh i havent gotten a commission in ages that wasnt from offsite friends cos im a bad a promoting myself but thats unrelated to all this lol

people need to remember this isnt some company? this is just a dude w some minor help of his friends trying to make something that people claimed to want. How do you not feel bad doing this? :C

psst, come closer.... wanna see a wip?


*cries* why are like 90% of brown skin options for picrews so ashy if theres any option at all.....

ok im heading to bed so i can wake early enough for the flight back, see ya

Oof still not over the kinda fear i get whenever i make posts that are like saying something to ppl? Like stuff for a big public eye, you get me? People like paying attention to my words in that way makes me so like nervous, aha!! So many eyes on me... I gotta remember tho that ppl here are nicer and chillier than other sites. People are likely not gonna yell at me maybe, heh...

I've been actively trying to be more social. Idk I'm kinda failing tbh. It's hard. I got AvPD. But I'm trying!!! I sure am.

ah..... the art industries and big artists circles bringing me distress, disgust, and disappointment once more....

i love art, comics, animation... but folks... the industries and big influencers surrounding it are so full of toxic behaviors that i wanna roll into a ball... this is why i avoid em all... :(

oh yikes that ask on tumblr...💦💦 the ppl yelling and arguing in the replies :(


the dnr feature remains one the biggest features of waterfall that I'm grateful for and a feature I constantly wish other sites had

sometimes you just want to make a statement w no desire for others to add commentary/input or to spread... just a notice for your followers... and not have it turned into a psa spread around the internet till you have 100+ rando jerks in ur replies arguing...

like example... what if you just want give reminder to followers bout using your pronouns! but it gets turned into a dang discussion about the legitimacy of trans/nonbinary identities with 1000 ppl arguing and yelling at you...!! :/

or you just wanted to give a simple heads up like "Hey! Please dont do this thing with my characters! It makes me personally uncomfortable!" and ppl turn it into a psa spread to all the internet about that thing and then jerks find it and start yelling at you about how "the thing is not really bad and ur just [insert slur]" :(

Jeeze, the internet sure is scary... But dnr feature on here def makes me feel a bit safer... Oof...

I'm just sitting here thinking about how twitter's offical account really made a tweet w "#TriggersMeIn4Words" like wow... i hate that site's management so much... I sincerely do.

Im prob not gonna join the discord server any time soon cause that feels like a sure way to crank up the ol' social aniexty... just seems too much for my little heart... overwhelming...

I'm really excited for the rewrite the dev is working on... I gave little money via Ko-Fi... I hope it helps the dev! Its amazing one person is doing all this... Powerful... I've been trying to learn to code myself, but I'm still just like a little baby... I can't imagine making a WHOLE RUNNING SOCIAL SITE... Like wow!! *big clap*