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This is a little old, but still one of my favorite pieces I did while in school...

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This is a little old, but still one of my favorite pieces I did while in school...


It's to die for!

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Another lineless commission!! What a cutie uwu

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U̴N̸͘KŃ͘͠Ó̧W̴N ̀̀͜ÚS̢͜É͝R͜͝͠ ͘͝͞LOG̛͟G҉̶͠E̶̸D ҉̧̡O͢N͏

ko-fi - patreon

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vivian trash talking

i deleted the original post and reuploaded since art posts are a little different now

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Old gift art for Neko <3 I'm so glad seeing how far sh'es come

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alzo made thiz guy earlier... itz v simple but :3 (og undr cut)

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Some traditional sketches I did to play around.

Im not entirely sure if I'm uploading this right?
I'd say maybe the images are too big hhhhh


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Pikachu Colour Palette Challenge

I think I was feeling nostalgic over Pokemon Snap thus the apple, but now I think about it.. ketchup bottle would've been better xD

here they are! I love my girls!!

this is the main cast of the webcomic i started working on my last year of hs, it's slow-going bc i have no idea what i'm doing and i've been busy but progress is being made

(updated the designs slightly bc this is the 1st time i've drawn them since jan last year rip)

used design doll to help me make a more anime-y style just for fun, but the perspective makes their relative heights look kindof exaggerated so ??

if you have questions about my comic or the characters, feel free to shoot me an ask ^^

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Found out about this and I had to draw it because it's so cute

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An art trade I did with g0theon on Twitter!

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Toon me challenge!

I had fun doing this (:

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there's a statue on campus that i keep walking by and thinking "hm! i should paint that!" so i finally did

Day 4 of snowmageddon. Still drawing.