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bowser why u do this to luigi

theres a lot going on this one... but this image makes me LOSE it everytime cos of the fact that bowser is frickin TICKLING toad... like omigod... my GOd... I CANT GET OVER IT...

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Practice Bowsers

just some sketches of bowser... trying to get the hang of him

mario odyssey anniversary art recolor

Yes, another mario image edit that I made when I should have been doing something else, lol.... I'm actually very fond the super saturated and simple coloring style offical mario art often has? Its just so classic! So charming! But I just wanted to see how coloring my way would look? Y'know for fun! Hope no one minds that i share aha...

Anyway here's the original art for comparsion:

Isn't it so cute....? This anniversity art for mario odyssey is one of my favs tbh. I just love images where Bowser is just hanging out and having fun with everyone... ;o;

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