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March 2015

so on my deviantart this image has like over a hundred faves and it's. The ONLY picture to ever reach that. None of my other art has come anywhere near close.

makes me a bit sad but, it be like that. I also remember seeing people on another site commenting how springtrap doesn't have sharp teeth and I'm just

i know

this was drawn before fnaf4 came out

i just like drawing sharp teeth on things give me a break

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Rayth, sweetie, put that gun away before you end up hurting yourself.

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p*dos really out here being butthurt and saying they'll leave bc waterfall doesn't allow cp, well good riddance freak none of us want you here

*is summoned by a group of humans*

*exits summoning circle, annoyed*

Really guys? On my day off?

Inktober #22 Screech

Aisara Katsuragi is a ghost. Now you know why. This happens if you take tests of courage too far- (really don't do that)

Inktober #21 Underwater

Here we have Eros Farella, my ultimate Diver. He (once) tried learning how to surf. This was the result. Lucky him he only got a scar as a result.

Inktober #16 Cruel

Here we have Faith. He has the ability to take on the ability of other people with special abilities if he kills them. Along with his ability to raise the air pressure. So... he was made into the military's dog to do the dirty work for them. They also did a looot more things to him-

the pinkest pearl

have some nightmare fuel for the night! i wanted her to look like a statue, i tried a lot of different stuff in a bunch of layers and i never got what i wanted so i just ended up with this. i am really really really tired and sleepy.

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My side blog, @ varmint, accidentally started a fight. Just the minute it was resolved, the Snapchat group for my class at school informed me that we have declared war on one of our rival schools for winning over us in American football. I don't know what this means but it feels ominous...

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Wow, okay, update. They are planning on dumping an entire goats head outside the other school. Sore loosers much?

summer spooks sticker sheet

I'm curious as to how early is appropriate for halloween items?

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so as some of you may or may not know, i'll be doing november blog takeover starting soon! it's currently october 31st, so i'm working on some last minute preparations!! and i...

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[Image description: A 5-panel comic. 1: A girl with short, brown hair and a pink dress is standing, turned to the right. There is a round, pink dialogue bubble that says “and i…”, a green thought bubble that says “Stop it. Quiet.” and a pink exclamation point. In between panel 1 and two there is a jagged border. 2: The girl is closing her eyes and has covered her ears. A green thought bubble has text, which increases in size, which reads “What if they don’t like you. You’re probably annoying them. You’re being ANNOYING. You’re ANNOYING them.” A small, round, pink speech bubble inside the thought bubble reads “shut up.” The green thought bubble continues with “You should SHUT UP SHUT UP.” A small, pink speech bubble reads: “no… you… you shut up…” 3: The girl is in a similar position but is holding her head down. A green thought bubble reads “SHUT UP! You are ANNOYING! I can HELP!” 4: Now the girl is throwing her head back and screaming. The background is covered in pink and green a’s covering each other. Panel 5 is bigger than the others and takes up the entire bottom row with a diagonal top border. 5: The colours of the girl are now greyer and more muted. She has a green tint to her. A square, green speech bubble has the text “’Sup.” in it. The bottom right corner has a small, pink thought bubble that reads “please! let me out!” End image description]


So my wolfdog shifts are getting stronger which is. Cool.

I. Can feel how my teeth used to clack together. The shape of them. And I can almost ‘see’ things. If it was just a little stronger Id have either sight from another world or actual memories.

Bad thing? This is happening after reading about the Beast of Gévaudan, which was a REAL ANIMAL THAT ATTACKED A FRENCH VILLAGE (and was most likely a lion)

So I might be an AU version of a real dead-ass animal that attacked and ate real dead-ass people and Im freakjng the fcuk out

I feel like that one MLP fansong fits Chara really well, Awoken I think its called

ANYWAYS here’s a comic about one of my EEnE/Undertale crossover AUs, Dodging Buttercups

I may be kin with this Chara but Im not sure whoops

I would say some stuff but I’d rather reveal it at some point

The 21st night of September

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🖼: Victor Nizovtsev

I had a friend over last night. She's my first genuine friend since grade school. When she got to my apartment she was immediately affectionate. gave me lots of hugs and she let me talk about some things that were bothering me and also about system stuff. Whenever I started talking about sad things, she would wrap her arms around me and tell me things were okay. I felt very safe with her and cried when she left because it felt so overwhelming to have someone here in town who like, genuinely cares. I'm sure I'll get used to the interactions the more time goes on but fuck, It's so strange to have someone here in town genuinely be interested in what I have to say.

an vent art

lyrics by Starset