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tbh generally my feelings on most super mario ships is generally "cute" yknow? im very chill bout em, like go have fun


  • marioXpeach - i know its the "basic" ship but hey whether they are just friends or couple theyre cute!

  • luigiXdaisy - same as above basically. i shipped it heavily when i was like 12 so i have a soft spot for it

  • luigiXpeasley - YES!!!!! extremely cute n great ❤️❤️

  • peasleyXluigiXdaisy - 👍 peak bi luigi !!!

  • luigiXbowser - cute, i see why ppl ship it!

  • paulineXpeach - yeah yah wlw 10/10

  • daisyXpeach - the gal pals!!!!

  • marioXrosalina - theyre just friends to me, but if u ship it, its fine

  • vivianXmario - its cute. vivian deserves friendship and love. support this ship to make transphobes uncomfortable and mad.

  • birdoXyoshi - also fine. theyre both fun lil animals.

  • waluigiXwario - *Brian David Gilbert voice* are they friends? compliances? ...lovers? its unclear.

  • kamekXtoadsworth - i never seen it shipped but like think about it, like what if...

  • bowserXmario - *sobs* i want bowser and mario to be friends... the pOTENTIAL.... the growth... the bonding and forgiveness... the peak hero befriends villian trope...

  • bowserXmarioXpeach - mario has two hands.


  • yoshiXmario - thats his... animal friend/parent(?)

  • bowserXrosalina - idk it doesnt sit right with me?

  • bowserXpeach - is only valid to me when its bowserXmarioXpeach otherwise its a nope from me. im sorry. bowser needs to chill out and get boundaries. leave peach alone, bows.

  • marioXbowsette - someone already said this before me but its just mario x bowser for horny cowards and im sorry but nuh uh i dont like it one bit

  • luigiXmario - I despise you.

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