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Tennis Guy

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of a Shy Guy from the Super Mario franchise. The Shy Guy wears a white robe along with a gray polo shirt, a light blue visor, blue shorts and black boots. The Shy Guy also holds a blue tennis racket in their right hand. The Shy Guy is jumping sideways to the viewer's left with their racket held up as a tennis ball flies toward them. The background is light gray, and has a light blue circle with a dark blue shadow next to a black circle with a white shadow. End ID.]

Edit: changed background color.

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attack for BCSkulls on art fight!

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Meet the Artist!

new year new me

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diva and raymond go to a fancy party!

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naiad -

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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very often my adhd brain once i finish a sketch goes "ok we're done, lets do another thing" and im over here like "NO WE NEED TO ACTUALLY FINISH STUFF THO"

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ArtFight attack on cinamoncune on Twitter with their character Uvi!

paintbrush go brrrrr

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Snapcube Berry

Fanart of Berry, the fursona of Penny Parker (Snapscube @ Twitter).

(Originally completed 07/19.)

working on a new computer background >:D

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Box art for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Nintendo DS, 2005).

[Pic ID: A single image of an illustration. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are in the foreground of the drawing and are outlined in glowing white. The babies are piggybacking with their respective adult, and both are looking upward. Mario frowns while Luigi seems concerned and/or scared. In the background, multiple characters are present and many events are occuring.

To the left in the background, from top to bottom, Shroob UFOs are blasting yellow rays toward the ground. Silhouettes of many Shroobs, along with Junior Shrooboid and Elder Shrooboid, are crowded together and look toward the viewer with their red glowing eyes as they hold an unconscious Princess Peach. Baby Bowser grins mischievously, showing one of his canines.

To the right in the background, from top to bottom, the same yellow rays from the UFOs are crashing down on Peach's castle, destroying parts of it and causing dust clouds to fly up. A green Yoshi and a red Toad look on in horror at this destruction. A time worm hole is swirling about. Kylie Koopa smirks, holding up her camera. Toadsworth the Younger and elder Toadsworth look toward each other. Toadsworth the Younger's eyebrows are raised, as if mildly surprised. Baby Peach rides in her crib as she looks upward.

In the bottom left is an ESRB rating showing that the game is rated E for Everyone. In the bottom right is the Nintendo logo. On the left side, a white bar has the Nintendo DS logo. At the top of the illustration is text reading, "MARIO & LUIGI: PARTNERS IN TIME." "MARIO & LUIGI" is outlined in white and has a cartoony font. "MARIO" is red, "&" is blue and "LUIGI" is green. "PARTNERS IN TIME" is written in serif font, similar to Times New Roman. It is white outlined with black. End ID.]

Give support to the Indigenous people that had been protesting in the blockade in Hé Sápa (Black Hills, occupied Očhéthi Šakówiŋ territory) on July 3rd. Many were arrested. Please donate to bail funds if you can:

Hey. To all the artists, writers, and photographers on here: You're all so dang talented.

no for real theres so many ppl here w so much talent what the heck

me: "hey im really sleepy im gonna head to bed"

me later in bed: "suddenly im no longer sleepy and cannot sleep"

i need to fix my wack sleeping schedule so i can start doing art or game streams again.

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naiad -

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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kaa -

As a new art, here is a warmup I did some month ago.

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A Lakitu, their cloud and their (lazy) pet Spiny.

[Pic ID: A traditional art piece of a Lakitu and a Spiny from the Super Mario franchise. The Lakitu stares down from their cloud with their mouth in a small "o." The Spiny is laying on the Lakitu's shell and is asleep, as shown by three Zs floating beside them. End ID.]

x3 -

blanca.. heard tht theyre not in new horizonz :(

Some practical seasonal outfits I made for mark :3

Image Descriptions:

Three full body drawings of my character Mark. They are all traditional black pen sketches that were digitally colored with flat colors. They are drawn in a somewhat semi realistic cartoony style.

Mark is a short heavyset man with ruddy skin and wavy dirty blond hair that reaches his shoulders.

He has a round soft face and wide brown eyes. His eyebrows are thick and he has some patchy stubble.

In the first drawing hes wearing a red flannel and black leggings with a few small holes. He's looking up and off to the distance.

In the second drawing hes wearing blue plaid pajama pants tucked into work boots, a red sweater, a brown heavy duty jacket, and a pink and white scarf. He's looking to the side.

In the last drawing hes wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top with a tiny bow on the neck line, and purple floral skirt. Mark is looking down as he fans himself, and his top has sweat stains.

End of description.

Togepi Colour Palette Challenge

Some bajoran inspired earrings I made this week!!!

made little image things for the sidebars of my blogs

i think they look neat and fun, adds more flare

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Objecthead Tarot

Cards I did for the Objecthead Tarot zine: Ace of Swords, The Hanged Man, Three of Swords, Page of Pentacles and Six of Pentacles.