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ummmm redraw... th bg iz vewy lazy but whatever uyghui!!!.. og unda cut! itz from a year n a day ago x3

My ocs for a personal project


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I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

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Companion Prints Part 1

Kinda like doin' a series, but without the pressure of having to do a buttload at once :P Both prints made 2019, these are the Spaceglass set.

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ohmygod social aniexty/avpd is so stupid why am i nervous to ask my lil cousin for his phone number so I can send him videos about guinea pigs smh

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I asked!! cowardness didnt win this time, hell ya 😏

ohmygod social aniexty/avpd is so stupid why am i nervous to ask my lil cousin for his phone number so I can send him videos about guinea pigs smh

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Let's get down some very basic geography:

We have the Mushroom Kingdom, the second largest and most populated of the peaceful kingdoms. To the north is Sarasaland, composed of the Birabuto, Muda, Easton, and Chai Kingdoms. Sarasaland is the largest but least populated. To the south of the Mushroom Kingdom is the Beanbean Kingdom, smallest but more populated than Sarasaland. I've never played Superstar Saga but honestly a bean-themed kingdom counter to the Mushroom Kingdom is so fun. To the east of all three of these is the Koopa Empire and its tributaries, which combined are larger and more heavily populated than

Off the western coast is Yoshi Island and Kong Island, protectorates of the Mushroom Kingdom. Off the southern coast is Kitchen Island, formally a Koopa tributary but under the control of the Black Sugar Pirates

Help needed, reblogs appreciated!

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Hey guys! Super sorry to have to post this, but I have to reach out for help.



I am currently unemployed and searching for work. I’ve gone to multiple job interviews and haven’t heard back from them- I’m not having much luck. I am currently taking a break from commissions due to burnout and for the sake of my health, and I am trying to find employment ASAP to move out of my family’s home. It is not great living here, for several reasons I won’t get into.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses in December and January: gas for job interviews, groceries, bills due at the beginning/middle of the month, & two hospital visits for my husband (once in December and once in early January). 

Total amount needed is $255 (bills + $100 rent), but I am asking for $300 to have $50 as a buffer. I have a goal on my kofi:

If you’d like to help me stay afloat until I find work, please consider donating. Anything helps! I’ve gone to job interviews and have yet to hear back. 

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2019 Prints Part 2

"Zariel's always been better at all this than me.

I can barely cast a handful of spells before giving myself a migraine.

Me as Dread Mage...What a fucking joke..."

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Inktober Day 26: Dark

everything they tell you about the nightsky in the country is true

this one also gave me blisters! worse ones! but by god its gorgeous

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. It is night in the countryside. The Milky Way spreads across the glittering nightsky and the full moon illuminates an aged stone road. In the horizon are a couple of silhouetted acacias. End ID.]

Parnassus, Drea's oldest kiddo!

The only actual human of the bunch lol He's adopted and super chill about being raised by and around mutant turtles and other mystic oddities 

Commissions are open! Chibi commissions are open!

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first post >80

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trans rights are human rights

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herobrined -

this post is still relevant no matter what! always be reminded that trans rights ARE human rights and if you disagree go step on a lego!

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The FAQ page has been updated! This should cover most of the common questions now.

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wanted to try using thin pixelated lineart with something painter-like. Piece was hard for me to finish but I'm mostly satisfied with how it came out

tbh generally my feelings on most super mario ships is generally "cute" yknow? im very chill bout em, like go have fun


  • marioXpeach - i know its the "basic" ship but hey whether they are just friends or couple theyre cute! 
  • luigiXdaisy - same as above basically. i shipped it heavily when i was like 12 so i have a soft spot for it
  • luigiXpeasley - YES!!!!! extremely cute n great ❤️❤️ 
  • peasleyXluigiXdaisy - 👍 peak bi luigi !!!
  • luigiXbowser - cute, i see why ppl ship it
  • paulineXpeach - yeah yah wlw 10/10
  • daisyXpeach - the gal pals!!!! 
  • marioXrosalina - theyre just friends to me, but if u ship it, its fine 
  • vivianXmario - its cute. vivian deserves friendship and love. support this ship to make transphobes uncomfortable and mad.
  • birdoXyoshi - also fine. theyre both fun lil animals.  
  • waluigiXwario - *Brian David Gilbert voice* are they friends? compliances? ...lovers? its unclear.
  • kamekXtoadsworth - i never seen it shipped but like think about it, like what if... 
  • bowserXmario - *sobs* i want bowser and mario to be friends... the pOTENTIAL.... the growth... the bonding and forgiveness... the peak hero befriends villian trope...
  • bowserXmarioXpeach - mario has two hands. 


  • yoshiXmario - thats his... animal friend/parent(?)
  • bowserXrosalina - idk it doesnt sit right with me? 
  • bowserXpeach -  is only valid to me when its bowserXmarioXpeach otherwise its a nope from me. im sorry. bowser needs to chill out and get boundaries. leave peach alone, bows.
  • marioXbowsette - someone already said this before me but its just mario x bowser for horny cowards and im sorry but nuh uh i dont like it one bit 
  • luigiXmario - I will kill you.

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Experimental 1

Experimenting with color. New to the site

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lovin the (very long) trend of wf users crediting the artist and not stealing artwork... keep it up guys we work harder than any us marine