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Hello I'm Tig. Refer to me with he or they pronouns. I'm an illustrator, comic artist, and animator. This is a sideblog I use to reblog stuff I like or ramble about stuff. Maybe make a funny post or two.

Here's some useful quick links.

Btw you won't find nsfw posts here, as that is something I don't reblog or create.

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Most stuff listed are banned here away... Nonetheless, don't bother following if you support....

  • cp/pedophilia; adult+minor shipping...
  • incest ships
  • homophobia, transphobia, acephobia, biphobia, nonbinary exclusion, terfs, truscum, etc...
  • racism, antisemitism, islamophobia; any neonazi & kkk nonsense...
  • ableism and eugenics
  • fat/body shaming
  • other horrible stuff, etc

I dunno just at least please be a decent person if you're gonna follow me. Otherwise if you're abhorrent, you will get a block, and, if warranted, a report.

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