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Inktober Day 4: Bait

first taste of the whole "single splash of red among black and white" thing. i really like how it looks. also get a load of that brick texture

[ID: An ink drawing. The scene is viewed from a first-person perspective. A person sits on a wooden bench, on dilapidated paved ground. On their lap is a gift box with a large red ribbon. They hold a note that reads: “I’M SORRY”. End ID.]

Hatsune Miku says Trans Rights

this is totally separate from the meme btw, i just really like trans miku

stole this from facebook here u go

Dude, sick reference to Snoop Dogg smoking weed. I can’t believe you’re so clever. You were clever enough to bring up Sm – Snoop smoking weed on your stream, because you KNEW that Snoap Dogg smoke weed, and Smoke Dogg, he is s҉m҉d҉snoop. And you KNEW that if you brought up the Smook Dogg smokin 𝚍veed, that you – people would know that! And they would 𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕡!

I painted this as practice several months ago, might as well post it somewhere

😭 oh gosh thanks for all the kind words for my comic, really motivating me to update!!

the venn diagram for pink gems gang and "kinda resolved trauma" gang is a circle

@coffee commented on a post: "i cant believe i had to see this with my own two eyes"

idk if anyone's curious but heres my webcomic... im planning when i finally update to do a big proper promo for it... but like thats been taking ages cos of ADHD so like.... take a look if you want i guess! its a cyoa about witches who wander a void.

honestly my big goal this year is actually finally update my webcomic Void Witch and then make two short comics ive been developing 

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Art doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to exist

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originally drawn 6/23/2019

I wanted to practice drawing backgrounds/environments and I really like the results :)

This is Little Friend!

I forgot to post these earlier lol

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Pidgey Colour Palette Challenge

based on the Gold/Crystal sprites~

hey staff wheres our verison of coppy tho ? 

when its 9:00 its time to make dumb dumb posts i guess lmao

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gender.... is among us

somebody get rid of it

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(I'm super disapointed, the masking tape I used ripped the paper on the side :S )

Left at London - Blacknwhite

left at london's new song is bop tbh

Galar Gym Leader!! They are gonna make sure you understand how cool normal types are!! They use abilities and items so you can get how useful they can be!! They use a variety of types in their moveset!! 

Inktober day 10. Pattern

Water, earth, air, fire.