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mathematics -

Me: :(

Mario: Wahoo!

Me: :)

augho i think im sick and thats gonna really bust my plans for live streaming tomorrow :(

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Wormsona.... .. 

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lazytrick @waterfall

Man, I haven't drawn digitally in a big while,,

oh god next year i'll be 23...

By literallyilliterate

Ice-y winter spirt

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To people who are desperately asking for fundz/donations on wf/tumblr...

kidd -

use these reddit subs instead!!

Hate Reddit if you want, but using these subs are your best chance. People gather in these subs because they have charity to spare:



I never see anyone actually getting any significant donations on tumblr/wf and to be honest, tumblr/wf is the worst place to ask for assistance. people beg for help, reblog the same post over and over, the same types of posts over and over, to no avail, when people are waiting to help you on a different part of the web.

go to where the help is

on this site you have to make the content you want for things and i thinks thats kinda neat. like you can be sole fan-artist on here for something and thats so powerful. you can legit be the number #1 fan on waterfull for your specfic interest... like dang... i feel the strength in my bones...

when you had enough of ppl on twitter & tumblr

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Meet the artist 2019 (Remake)

Since I turned 22 my old Meet the Artist got outdated and I made new one!

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sorry for those that don't know spanish, but this video got me laughing on the floor since yesterday

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hey, i want you to know that it's okay if, sometimes, you cant win some battles with depression and/or executive dysfunction. however, if possible, try to make it so it isn't a complete loss!

what i mean is that you should bargain with it. more often than not, you will find yourself getting up to do something, i.e. using the bathroom, for example. try to add a few more things onto that task, whether it's taking dishes out of your room or getting dressed. think about it like this: when you get up, it takes so much energy and you just want to lay down again. knowing you have other things to do might tire you more, but if you add a few things onto your initial task, it'll give you more time to lay down without your brain yelling at you about the things you need to do

i understand that it's really difficult, but if you think you can do it, well, baby steps!

no matter what, i believe in you!


More Drea in her 80s outfit because I'm loving it!

Commissions are open!

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hemeroblemma dolosima

this moth actually looks brown until the right lighting hits! this is because nanostructures in its scales reflect blue light and give it this metallic purple/blue appearance

mathematics -

Anyone: Luigi is *any LGBT+ identity*

Me: Wow, you're so right.

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huevember 7

the character belongs to @egg! go check them out <3

Chibi YCH!!

opportunity -

doing this again ^^ 
with extra poses this time! 

I really need some extra money for the holidays ❤ 


poses to choose from:



$10 for flats, $15 for full shaded

custom poses for +$10 because why not

payment through paypal, kofi, or stripe


contact info:

discord- ZaydofallTrades#2076
twitter- @/ZaydofallTrades
ask for email if needed


sorry this is so to-the-point but i've been having trouble getting longer posts spread around enough 

heros-shade -

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner I would like to call for non-native people in America to think critically about Thanksgiving and to consider exactly what you are celebrating. The colonization of America was not as harmonious as the thanksgiving fable of pilgrims and indians suggests. Throughout American history native tribes have been purposefully eradicated to make way for white colonists. We were viewed as heathens that were less than human, inferior to whites, and our deaths were a victory to be celebrated. Thanksgiving is yet another way our genocide is erased, to see it celebrated widely and proudly is a yearly reminder of how little regard and knowledge people have of our history. So this Thursday I encourage you to learn more about the atrocities Native Americans have faced and continue to face at the hands of colonialism. And if you can, consider donating one of the following charities or elsewise supporting native communities-


Ouija time or whatever

Under the cut: 2 other Luigis and one (1) Dad Bowser

Cutest outfit on the block

Imagine pining after a dino? Anyways-



My first chibi commission!

For @tigertoony ! Their OC, Nill, who was a lot of fun to draw! I love them a lot, thank you so much!!

Chibi commissions are open!